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Chinese & Western Medicine

  • The Challenge of Translating Chinese Medicine. This interview with the author reveals much about both the Chinese language and Chinese medicine and shows how problems in translating this difficult subject have slowed down wider public understanding of its principles.

  • "The Healing Herbs of China—bencao tubiao." This link, when completed, will allow you to download a large educational chart providing many details about the plants used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and the conditions they are commonly used to treat. Provided you have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you will be able to view this poster in its entirety on your computer.

  • Alternative Therapies for Diabetes Insipdus.  A more personal and practical account of using Chinese Medicine to treat a rare endocrine condition, published in a medical journal.



  • Conservatives vs. Liberals—What It All Really Means. A fresh look at this seemingly never-ending struggle, placing it against the background of history.

  • The "Sci-Tech Creed." A new religion has swept over America and is reaching out to engulf the rest of the world. Find out if you might be a part of it.

  • The "SIMPIES." You've heard of hippies, yippies, and yuppies. These people are SIMPIES—"Single Issue Militant Partisans," and they may be the greatest danger America has ever faced.


  • Culture under Siege by Eurotrash. Europeans have now taken over from Americans the reputation of being the world's worst travellers. Many examples are provided in this article published by THE EUROPEAN, London, 25—28 June, 1992.

  • "1992" versus "Loisaida." A 1990 piece about all the languages spoken on NYC's Lower East Side, with an implied message for the nations of Europe. Published by Language International, Nottingham.

  • Self-Deception over the New Europe. A 1989 piece about the facile exaggerations surrounding the many problems presented by European unification, even ten years later still largely unsolved. Published by Language Technology, Amsterdam.

  • Violence in Britain. A prophetic article about the true psychological state of the English, when they were anxious to believe that all violence came from America, long before their football hoodlums and a series of their own violent crimes became evident. From London's "underground" paper International Times, 1969.

  • Europa hat es nicht besser, sondern... In 1992 two prominent German intellectuals attempted to use New York's Goethe House to relaunch the ancient myth that Europe is superior to the US. The author responded with this prose-poem in German, which he widely circulated here and abroad through the electronic and analog media. Followed by an English translation.

  • "Fronting for Franco." The author's youthful sin: working as a radio announcer in Spanish and English for Radio Nacional de España. Published by Apuntes, Spring, 1997

The "Sixties Book..."


  • How Do I Lust After Thee? Let Me Count the Ways. A collection of quotations about adultery. Published by The New York Times at the height of the Monica nonsense, this piece provides a historical overview of adultery as seen by the best and the brightest of many eras and cultures. Week in Review, NY Sunday Times, Dec. 27, 1998.

  • AE—Artificial Eroticism. The true account of experiments by a truly great AI Pioneer, in which the author played a small but important role. Widely available on the Internet since 1990.

  • Is There a Universal Theory of Sexuality?  A book review commissioned by The Journal of Sex Research examining a a well-researched and provocative explanation of human sesual behavior.

  • The World's First Summons to A Sexual Olympics. Definitely the first, since I authored it. First published in London's "underground" paper I.T., January 30, 1967, and reprinted in many other 'Sixties outlets.

  • Twenty-Two Sexes Aren't Enough... A non-scientific and light-hearted attempt to describe and loosely categorize the many sexual types displayed by human animals in the course of their lifetimes. Published in the Dutch-English underground paper SUCK, 1968.

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