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The Healing Herbs of China
"bencao tubiao"

Here is an illustration showing what this educational Chart looks like, preceded by some information about it and followed by our plans to make it available in electronic form:

The Healing Herbs of China
bencao tubiao

Compiled from over 40 ancient and modern Chinese sources
by Alex and Ilene Gross, Dpls. Ac.
and edited by a CUNY Professor of Chinese.

At present we are busy studying ways by which we can:

either make an electronic copy of this educational Chart available to you free of charge from this website or from another URL willing to post it;

or, alternately, if this proves unfeasible because of the size such a file would occupy, then to make it available at nominal cost by sending it on a CD-ROM to interested site visitors.

Please check back on this website in the near future if you would like to know which of these alternatives we have chosen. Needless to say, we prefer the first choice and will do everything in our power to make the chart available free of charge.

This contents of this page are
Copyright © 1987 by Alexander Gross
& Ilene Astrahan Gross. They may be
reproduced for individuals and for
educational purposes only. They may
not be used for any commercial (i.e.,
money-making) purpose without
written permission from the author.

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