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The Untold Sixties:

When Hope Was Born
An Insider's Sixties on an International Scale

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Just Published--Important Notice

Since this book has now been published, many of its

 chapters on this site have been abridged,

though the summary, the opening section,

and four chapters can still be found

in their entirety. 

A One-Page Summary of the Book

Preface by Alan W. Moore

Some Excerpts from the Book

Table of Contents

The Opening Chapter

The Sixties in England

The Sixties in Germany

The Sixties in the US

English Language & Theatre during the Sixties

The Sixties in London:

The Beginnings of the English Scene

Freedom of the Press in England

Some Major English Leaders

The Sixties in Berlin:

Germany's Kent State and its Aftermath

The Berlin Commune

Some Major German Leaders

The Sixties in New York:

The Life and Death of the "East Village Other"

The Artists' Branch of the "Movement"

"The Great Communist Take-Over Plot"

Kent State—Or Was It Berlin Revisited?

Reflections of a "Person"
By Ilene Astrahan Gross

English Language and English Theatre

Learning British English as a Foreign Language

Inside the English Theatre World

How "Correct" Is British English?

More About the Sixties Book:

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An International Perspective on the Sixties

A One-Page Summary of the Book

The Untold Sixties: When Hope Was Born

An Insider’s Sixties on an International Scale

By Alex Gross

It’s Three Books in One!

A Spy Story

A Time-Travel Adventure

A Responsible History of a Remarkable Age

This is the "at last it can be told story" of the Sixties by the
one person capable of telling it. Effortlessly moving in its 
first-person narrative from London's rock scene to Berlin’s 
student radicals to Amsterdam's practical pranksters to a 
whole range of American causes and crises, the author 
provides the definitive answer to a soon-to-be-disgraced 
vice-president's claim that all the national movements of 
the Sixties were guided by an international conspiracy—"to 
the extent that there was any such plot, it was probably me."

This book explains once and for all how hope was born,
struggled against all odds, and ultimately prevailed during the 
Sixties, only to be forgotten by later generations. And how 
such hope can be rekindled again today.

During the Sixties the author wrote for and occasionally 
edited major underground newspapers in London, New 
York, Berlin, and Amsterdam. He was also the principal 
founder of the Art Workers Coalition, a group of radical 
artists who demonstrated in New York and elsewhere. 
Almost all of The Untold Sixties was written during the
mid-Seventies, when these events were still fresh in the
author’s mind, bringing the reader remarkably close to
reliving the Sixties in all their intensity.

From the Preface by Alan W. Moore:

"Alex is a reporter. His attentive eyewitness account is a basic document by a trained and knowledgeable observer. At the same time, he was a partisan, and his writing is relentlessly personal. The reader really feels it&ldots;“it” being the texture of cultural politics,
the sizzle of social change...now especially, a book like this is of inestimable value in opening the locked dusty doors of our useful pasts."

Take Your Sixties Quiz Now!

HINT:  If you answer TRUE to any of the following six statements, then you definitely need to read “THE UNTOLD SIXTIES: When Hope Was Born.”

1. The Sixties were mainly concerned with the Viet Nam War.

2. The Sixties were mainly about sex, drugs, and rock-&-roll.

3. The whole Sixties era was mainly a movement among students.

4. The period of the Sixties has left no lasting mark on today’s America.

5. The Sixties primarily took place in the US and had little effect on other nations.

6. The Sixties was a self-indulgent period that hurt America’s economic and political development.

Once again, if you answered TRUE to any of these statements, then you have been misinformed about this entire era of American history and would probably enjoy reading “THE UNTOLD SIXTIES: When Hope Was Born.”

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For Immediate Release:


At Last: a First-Hand International Perspective
on a Unique Era!

The best-known histories of the Sixties have almost invariably concentrated on the US alone. Only a few have mentioned what happened in the rest of the world to any extent, and even those have usually paid only second-hand, after-the-fact lip service in a distant scholarly tone.. 

But now at last THE UNTOLD SIXTIES provides a well-rounded, first-hand, and detailed account of what took place in England, Germany, the Netherlands, and (of course) the US during that remarkable epoch.  The author, who was active as an underground journalist in the US and in Europe (and often as a leader as well), draws on his unique experience to offer the first fully rounded account, showing how several national movements started up, developed, and interacted on a worldwide stage.

One quarter of THE UNTOLD SIXTIES is devoted to England, another quarter to Germany, and almost half to events in the US as the author knew and lived them, while  two of the book's 55 chapters describe events in the Netherlands. Upheavals in China and France and how they affected other nations also play a prominent role.

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