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Translation: Practice and Theory

Play Translations

Poetry Translations

Writings about Translation:

Translation Theory

Translation History

Translation "Politics"

"Computer Translation"

Play Translations:

Note: I have not included excerpts here from every play I
have translated, and two out of the plays represented
have not yet been produced. The reason for this is that
I wished to present the greatest possible variety of styles I have
worked with in translating from three quite
different languages: German, French, and Italian.

Excerpt from The Investigation by Peter Weiss

Excerpt from the French Cameroonian Play
Enough Is Enough by Protais Asseng

Excerpt from Carlo Goldoni's
The War (La Guerra)

Excerpt from Friedrich Dürrenmatt's
Hercules and the Augean Stables

Excerpt from a French Boulevard Farce
Husbands À La Carte (Croque-Monsieur)
by Marcel Mithois

How to Contact Alex Gross about Translating a Play

Poetry Translations:

Two "Untranslatable" Poems
By Christian Morgenstern
(from the German)
(republished several times in various venues)

A Selection of French Symbolist Poems
Commissioned for the program
Of a Song Recital at Lincoln Center

Writings about Translation:

Translation Theory:

The following two book reviews deal partly or entirely with machine translation and can be assigned to either the "Linguistics" or "Translation" category.

Translation "Politics:"

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