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Summary of Work for the Theatre

Produced Original Work:

"love-play" This received two separate German productions in 1969—71 and was performed in Cologne, Bonn, Flensburg, Regensberg, and Munich. It was published and represented by Kiepenheuer Bühnenvertrieb (Dr. Maria Sommer).

Produced Play Translations: (with production history)

Peter Weiss: THE INVESTIGATION (Die Ermittlung), commissioned and produced by the Royal Shakespeare Company, 1965-66, directed by Peter Brook, with Gross as production dramaturg; further productions by BBC Radio and Granada TV, further stage productions in Scotland, northern England, and Australia. Published by Calder & Boyars, 1966.

Friedrich Dürrenmatt: THE METEOR (Der Meteor), commissioned and produced by the Royual Shakespeare Company, 1966, RSC Version directed by Clifford Williams, with Gross as production dramaturg.

Friedrich Dürrenmatt: HERCULES AND THE AUGEAN STABLES (Herkules und der Stall des Augias), produced by the Questors, 1966, directed by Michael Almaz with Gross as production dramaturg. This work was both translated and first discovered for the English-speaking world by Gross, who published an article about it in the English theatre journal ENCORE in 1965.

Protais Asseng: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH (Trop C'est Trop), commissioned and produced by UBU Repertory Company, 1986 and 1990 with Gross present during early rehearsals. Published by UBU Repertory Company, 1986.

Reine Bartève: ALIVE BY NIGHT (Vivre La Nuit), commissioned and produced by UBU Repertory Company, 1989 with Gross present during early rehearsals.

Rainer Werner Fassbinder: WEREWOLF (Werwolf), commisioned and produced by Theatre-Studio, 1997, based on dramaturgical notes by Gross.

Gross also knows translation from the perspective of having undergone it: he worked with his own translator Erdmut August on German versions of two of his original plays under the guidance of Kiepenheuer Bühnenvertrieb (Dr. Maria Sommer). One of these, love-play, is mentioned above.

Other Play Translations:

Some other _unproduced_ translations he made for the RSC were:

Hans Günter Michelsen: HELM (Helm)
Carlo Goldoni: THE WAR (La Guerra)
Jacques Audiberti: THE WORLD OPERA (L'Opéra du Monde)
Eckart Peterich: THE LAST DAYS OF THE THIRD REICH (Die Letzten Tage des Dritten Reichs)

And for Tennant Productions in London:

Marcel Mithois: HUSBANDS A LA CARTE (Croque-Monsieur), a French boulevard comedy.

This summary is Copyright © 2000
by Alexander Gross. It may be
reproduced for individuals and for
educational purposes only. It may
not be used for any commercial (i.e.,
money-making) purpose without
written permission from the author.

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