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Theatre Work in Three Nations

Summary of Produced Works and Translations

"Dramaturgy" & "Dramaturgs"—What Is (Are) They?

Dramaturgical Notes from London & NYC

My Guide As A Dramaturg
About Jeremy Brooks

Inside the English Theatre World
an excerpt dealing with the Royal Shakespeare
and other London theatre companies,
from my book about the 'Sixties.

Excerpt from my Work love-play,
Written in English, produced in translation
in several German cities.

Excerpt from my Adaptation of John Fletcher's
The Taming of the Tamer
(plus a critical paper about it)

Excerpt from An Evening with Henry VIII:
One Man-Show and Pocket Musical Versions

Goat-Singers and Scholars, A piece
going beyond the usual platitudes about Ancient Greek
Satyr Plays and their relationship to "Tragedy."
New American Review, 1969.

How Ilene and I Co-Created
The World's Very First "Happenings"
Published in Encore, London, 1964

Play Translations:

Note: I have not included excerpts here from every play I
have translated, and two out of the plays represented
have not yet been produced. The reason for this is that
I wanted to present the greatest possible variety of styles
I have worked with in translating from three quite
different languages: German, French, and Italian.

Excerpt from The Investigation by Peter Weiss
Produced by the Royal Shakespeare Company, 1965-66
Published by Calder & Boyars, London, 1966

Excerpt from the French Cameroonian Play
Enough Is Enough by Protais Asseng
Published and Produced by Ubu Repertory Company, 1986 & 1990

Excerpt from Carlo Goldoni's
The War (La Guerra)

Two Excerpts from Friedrich Dürrenmatt's
Hercules and the Augean Stables

Excerpt from a French Boulevard Farce
Husbands À La Carte (Croque-Monsieur)
by Marcel Mithois

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