Under the Radar

This is the index page for a series of columns

inspired by the East Village Other, written by

former EVO columnist Alex Gross and aimed at

recapturing the spirit of that unique newspaper. 

These columns are equally inspired by the exhibit

about this newspaper sponsored by four NYU

divisions: the NYU Arthur L. Carter Journalism

Institute, the Fales Library and Special Collections 

of NYU Elmer A. Bobst Library, the Program on 

Museum Studies, and the NYTimes.com Local 

East Village. This exhibit celebrates EVO's past

and is most welcome. But EVO's passing has left

a gap in the journalism of the present, and many

stories that EVO would almost surely have covered

have in fact been left unreported. The columns that

follow attempt to fill that gap.


Under the Radar 1

EVO REBORN--The Journalism of the

East Village Other.  Introductory Column

 about this series. Why EVO still matters today.


Under the Radar 2

Is the Afghan Government Actually

Less Corrupt Than Washington? An

inquiry into the nature of corruption.


Under the Radar 3

Is Making a Bet on How Long 

You Will Live Ethical?


Under the Radar 4

The Most Dangerous Mistake 

All Humans Make...






The New American Mediocrity—Title for a series of columns: Videogames, TV journalism, Rosetta Stone, TV programs like Deadliest Catch, Monster Quest, UFO Hunters, Ghost programs, etc....


In the UK Murdoch Hacked the Phone of a Murdered Child

In the US Murdoch Has Hacked Our Constitution


The Great American Medical Miracle Millennium, certain to "conquer death" sooner or later & along the way extend our lives to 150, 200, 300 years of perfect health, equitable pricing guaranteed for the entire population, with just the few slight drawbacks of geometric population growth as deaths cease, 80 years working at the same job due to delayed promotions, and inheritance postponed for eight generations or longer, vanishing entirely when death is  finally "conquered." .


Are Off-Year Electees Fully Legitimate? 

About 58 percent of Americans usually vote in presidential elections, only 38 percent in off-year voting--what does this tell us about the legitimacy of candidates elected in those years?


Could There Be an Entire Domain of Sexuality We Are Still Afraid to Talk About...? For more details, see Chapter 53 of the author's book THE UNTOLD SIXTIES: When Hope Was Born


Bullying: The Basic Organizing 
Principle of Society

Why bullying may be a bit harder to eradicate than many imagine, even in the schools, based on obvious social realities plus the author's  own experiences...


The So-Called Space Program

Why even the name is something of a hoax and the program itself not much better (Once again, see Chapter 53 of the author's book THE UNTOLD SIXTIES for details...)


Artificial Intelligence 
Or Genuine Ignorance 
(of Practical Realities)? 

To see the author's many published articles & papers about this theme click here.


How Science Confused 
Sexiness with Dirtiness 

The social and moral aftermath of the 1854
discovery of a well in London's Soho, finally proving that cholera was caused by bacteria found in faeces.

And no doubt other themes as well...

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