(This is a duplicate of a document distributed during the opening of the NYU exhibit about the East Village Other on February 28, 2012)

EVO was essentially the flagship of the entire Sixties Movement. We  called it a "youthquake" at the time, a seismic jolt that can suddenly occur when the rules and lies we think we live by are gravely subducted by the rules we actually live by, causing profound social eruptions to suddenly break out in powerful upheavals all around us.

Could such a youthquake, could such a mind-jolt happen again? The answer is simple: it has clearly already begun. In 1965 remarkably few Americans thought any of the Sixties issues could ever reach the surface, much less spread out and take over. They were caught up in their lies, just as we are caught up in our lies today. But where is today’s EVO to help us reveal today’s lies, today's subductive faults?

The Lies of 1965

  • Sex is bad, kinky sex is worse, gay sex is abominable.

  • Abortion is unspeakable.

  • Birth control encourages sex and is unnecessary for those who limit sexual activity.

  • All drugs are inevitably dangerous.

  • Women must remain subservient to men.

  • Blacks and people of ethnicity are naturally inferior.

  • Our planet will always provide for all our needs.


The Lies of 2012

  • Our economy is strong and will never stop expanding.

  • If you go to college, you will get a good job.

  • Advances in medicine are certain, soon people will live to be 100, perhaps one day even 150, 200, or 300.  The ultimate conquest of death may be near. Such advances will be available to everyone, regardless of income.

  • Thanks to virtually ubiquitous habitable planets and conveniently located wormholes, humans will soon inhabit vast expanses of the universe. 

  • In just a few years Artificial Intelligence will drive our cars, guard our security, and improve all aspects of our lives. It will do most of our work for us, and we will be free to live truly meaningful lives.

  • Our knowledge of human sexuality is at last complete

Responsible for this statement:

Alex Gross, member of tonight’s panel

Author, THE UNTOLD SIXTIES: When Hope Was Born

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